Music Subscription Pairs Vinyl with Dinner

From Evolver:

The popular site The Turntable Kitchen, part personal blog, music blog, tech blog, and recipe blog, has a neat habit of ending each post with a recipe and a song to go with it. Its Pairings Box, which the couple behind it describes as “a curated food and music discovery experience, delivered to your door,” is basically a physical music and dinner (sort of) subscription. We say “sort of” because you only get a dried ingredient for the recipe, as opposed to all of the ingredients. At least this way, you can use fresh stuff.

Subscribe for $25/month plus taxes and fees (The March edition is sold out, and the April one goes on sale on March 14), or give a gift subscription (view options), and you or your giftee will receive a box with a hand-numbered, limited edition vinyl single chosen by The Turntable Kitchen, accompanied by 1-2 dried recipe ingredients (“a special spice, flour, grain, or bean”), three recipes, and a downloadable digital mixtape, also curated by the blog (examples: Ghost Loft, NO, Save The Clocktower, Oscar Key Sung), and possibly other treats from sponsors.



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