The Great Game of Music Discovery

From The Huffington Post:

The wonderful thing about music is that there will always be another new band to love, and another song to rip you from reality and throw you into a more ethereal realm. With exponentially more music being made today than there was 30 years ago, music discovery has gotten considerably more difficult despite technology’s great advances.

Prior to the Internet, there were only a handful of options for music discovery. These mostly focused around radio, magazines, a handful of TV shows, and word of mouth. The Internet connected a global long tail of available opinions and non-mainstream publishers like Pitchfork, or individuals posting on Twitter and blogs, which has allowed those with good taste and music savvy to build a following. Taste-making was democratized in the process, no longer being centralized amongst a handful of label honchos, journalists, and DJs. As a consequence to this, the ecosystem became increasingly fragmented, not just from a publishing perspective but also because micro-genres began to emerge rapidly as the cost of creating and distributing music dropped dramatically.

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