Eminem, Bon Jovi & Tim McGraw going Direct 2 Fan with Gumroad & Chirpify

From Hypebot:

Lightweight ecommerce services like Gumroad and Chirpify allow indie artists to go Direct-to-Fan and major label artists to provide a sales experience with a D2F vibe. By eliminating the now traditional virtual trek to an ecommerce store like iTunes, such services have allowed major label artists like Eminem and Bon Jovi to join major indie artists like Tim McGraw in connecting directly with their fans.

Just as “indie” became associated with aesthetic approaches that groups like Nirvana took to the majors, major labels and artists on major labels have seen the marketing appeal of going directly to fans with offers that emphasize the relationship between the artist and fan minus the sterile looming presence of corporate entities.

So just as major label artists are turning to fan funding and presale campaigns via platforms like Pledge Music, they are also conducting D2F-style ecommerce using tools like Gumroad and Chirpify.

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