Clarence Clemons’ Family Files Malpractice Lawsuit

From Showbiz411:

When Clarence Clemons, the Big Man of Bruce Springsteen‘s E Street Band, died in June 2011, the word was it from complications from a stroke. But now I’ve learned that the situation may not be so cut and dried. Clemons’s family quietly filed a malpractice suit against Clarence’s doctors in 2012. Last month the case was approved to go ahead to a jury trial.

William Clemons – Clarence’s brother and father of Jake Clemons, who now plays with the E Street Band – filed his case against the Palm Beach Cancer Center and three physicians. The allegation is that the medical team involved may have made a mistake by advising that Clarence off of blood thinners when he had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. By doing so, and not giving him intermediary blood thinners, they could have caused his stroke.

Even though the Clemons family wants a jury trial, which will be public, the case was sealed by a judge on May 25, 2012 in a Palm Beach court. Neither of the lawyers in the case has responded for comment. And the case has been so low key that even musicians Clarence played with didn’t know it had been filed.

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