GWAR to unleash ‘Gwar-B-Q’ sauce at Grinders in April


From Pitch:

The world of barbecue may very well never be the same. GWAR intends to unleash its ‘GWAR-B-Q’ sauce at Grinders (417 E. 18th St.) on Monday, April 8, from 6 to 8 p.m.

The metal band’s sauce – bottled locally at Original Juan’s and created by the guitar player known as Balsac, the Jaws of Death – will be the centerpiece of a “Meat & Meet” event. It’s in the Crossroads that GWAR will “drink and eat themselves into a bloated coma with their legion of slavering fans.”

In case you’re wondering if this sauce will taste like every other sauce, don’t be concerned. According to GWAR’s Facebook page, this is far from the tomato or molasses-based formula that Kansas City is used to eating:

“This new taste sensation is mostly made out of the blood of really hot chicks,” explained the surprisingly cordial space-barbarian. “It was a terrible waste of fine ass, but ultimately worth it because this sauce is absolutely delicious!”