Lessons on blogging from Bruce Springsteen


From 12Most:

Bruce Springsteen continually provides content that has stood the test of time, remaining popular throughout the decades. If a blog could provide relevant content like Stringsteen provides music and entertainment, it would be a raving success. With 20 Grammy awards and over 65 million albums in the United States, Springsteen has a very wide audience base.

While I was at the second Minneapolis/St. Paul concert on Springsteen’s most recent tour, I noticed the principles that made the show a success paralleled those that make a blog successful.

1. The audience comes in all shapes and sizes
At the concert there were kids under 10, old men with beards longer than my hair and 20-somethings. Remember that the majority of your blog readership may be your target audience, but your content may be shared with or viewed by people outside of your target audience.

2. The show will be more successful if you cater to the whole audience
They are all listening and viewing from different locations in the arena. Ensure your content can be seen or heard by everyone. Make sure your website lends itself to Mac, PC and mobile users alike.

3. Incorporate the fans
Bruce pulled a little boy up on stage right away, then he slow danced with a middle age woman and picked her up. He also brought a little girl on stage to sing a section of a song. Provide opportunities for the fans to get involved with the blog — host contests on your blog, allow comments and create a sense of community.

4. Supplement the main event with aesthetically pleasing things
Bruce had strobe lights that moved in conjunction with the music. Supplement your blog with clean graphics, complementary colors and well-thought-out, pertinent photos.

5. All audience members have a different perspective and background
Some have been listening to you for years and some are hearing your music for the very first time. That is how your blog audience is as well. Some of your fans have been following you since your blogging debut and others just clicked on a link for the first time today. Keep true to your voice but provide new thoughts and ideas. Bruce sets a great example with his newest album. “Wrecking Ball” became Springsteen’s tenth No. 1 album in the United States.

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