Apple Joins Digital Resale Movement

From Hypebot:

In January, Amazon was granted a patent on tech related to the resale of digital content and now Apple has filed their own version. Not only are they covering quite a bit of ground with their patents but ReDigi is in court defending its digital resale system while a recent case in Europe supports the idea. This growing momentum means that musicians have to be prepared for the possibility of another hit to music revenue streams.

Apple Insider broke the news last week that Apple has filed a patent to facilitate resale of digital content.

Amazon received a related patent in January with a different approach. Amazon maintains a centralized service while Apple facilitates a decentralized approach suggesting that they’ll get their patent as well.

ReDigi is currently in court in the U.S. over their approach which has its own distinctive details. But all three are trying to find ways to legally resell digital content just as used books and cds are resold.

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