Downtown Music’s John Deutsch on what he’s what he’s learned from “Harlem Shake”

From Billboard:

Mad Decent has the hottest record in the world right now with “Harlem Shake,” which I don’t think anyone saw coming. What have you learned from watching this take place?

We love those guys and have a lot of respect for them. I think the lesson is you make your own luck. Diplo, Kevin, Jasper and the team have great taste. If you sign the right artists then you position yourself to receive the luck when it comes. It’s hard to plan for that kind of lightning in a bottle experience, but it wouldn’t be possible if Baauer wasn’t amazing and if they didn’t know that a year before anyone else.

Our Gnarls Barkley moment was kind of similar. If I could manufacture more of those, I would. It’s certainly what I’m trying to do every day. And it’s a great example of the master value I was talking about earlier. YouTube and digital performance — these are revenue streams that didn’t exist four or five years ago. I think this whole phenomenon suggests a lot of optimism.

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