Parents crowdfund firstborn child on Indiegogo


From CNET:

Crowdfunding may be a normal way to start a business, but it’s an unusual way to start a baby. Baby Ali-Penny is due soon, and when the kid arrives, it may have one of the first crowdfunded births thanks to the March 2013: Baby Ali-Penny Indiegogo project.

“Since getting knocked up, the number one question we have been asked is, ‘What do you guys need?'” mom Fanny says in the project video. The answer is pretty much nothing. The family already has strollers, car seats, onesies, blankets, and socks. What’s left? The birth itself.

Nicholas and Fanny are working on raising $5,500 to cover the birthing fees. Like most crowdfunding efforts, there are different pledge levels with different rewards. The lowest level, at $10, gets you a one-song download of music recorded by Felix and Fanny, which I’m assuming is a band mom Fanny is in. The highest level, at $300, gets you a handmade wood tool box with vintage tools.

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