House Concerts – Tips For A Successful Event

From Music Marketing:

A house concert is a performance that is presented in someone’s home or apartment. Some people take the concept to a different level, holding events in dedicated (but still private) spaces, such as barns or outdoor areas.

A house concert is a great way to make extra money, pick up a show in a location without a suitable club, or give your fans a different, more intimate experience than they’d get in standard, public venues. If you’re looking to maximize tour income and create deeper relationships with fans, house concerts are a great option.

1. Provide great sound.

This can be easily achieved with a small PA system. You want your house concert to be able to compete with good venues and, in order to do that, you need great sound. Volume needs kept at a decent level and not become too loud or too quiet. Also, since it’s an intimate setting, keep the music intimate. I recommend keeping the music acoustic (without loud drums and huge amps).

2. Provide ambience.

Make sure the lighting is right, there are comfortable seats, and the temperature of the room is right. Again, this needs to compete with venues so you need to make sure the rooms feels and looks right. You want everyone to be as comfortable as possible.

3. Serve something.

There’s no need to get crazy but if people are going to stay awhile, there needs to be food and beverage. If you are on a tight budget, make it BYOB, potluck, or put a tip jar out for food.

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