Kids Love The Apple Store So Much They Pee On The Seats

From TechCrunch:

Don’t ever sit on the black balls at the kids table in Apple retail stores, recommends supposed former employee and Redditor Mister_Rabbit. It seems that as 370 million people visit an Apple Store each year, a few of the kids are leaving something behind when they go.

Though we can’t verify if he really worked there, Mister_Rabbit writes:

“Going through my old photos from when I worked in Apple retail years ago and came across this gem, the kid’s table piss ball. I had almost forgotten that little tidbit of knowledge I had learned from the job. Apparently when kids are really into a game they will often choose to just pee in their seat without stopping what they’re doing. The result? Squishy black ball seats. I had never really believed that kids would do this until I walked by while they were retiring one of the balls one night.”

Then he offered fellow Reddit visitors this photo of one of the seat balls with the cover removed:

Apple Store Piss Ball

Several other supposed Apple Store employees commented that they too refer to the seats as “pee balls.”

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