Next Big Sound’s Metrics for the Music Industry

From Forbes:

The consumer in that world heard ‘SexyBack’ on the radio and went to Virgin Megastore,” says Alex White, the 26-year-old who co-founded Next Big Sound four years ago. “The consumer now goes to Spotify and streams Justin Timberlake’s entire back catalogue and then follows him on Twitter to see real-time updates and watch his behind-the-scenes YouTube videos. It’s a totally different consumer experience, but the industry still needs to track that behaviour.

Next Big Sound is the one doing the tracking. Think Moneyball, but for music. Next Big Sound takes all the data spewing into the ether—Pandora spins, Facebook likes, digital downloads—and packages them into one central dashboard. For $20 per artiste per month, the Billy Beanes of the music world (managers, concert promoters and label executives) can access the service in hopes of finding the next Nick Swisher (or Justin Timberlake).

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