SXSW Panel Report: How Indie Labels Survived the Record Biz Apocalypse

From Billboard:

Music attorney Matthew Kaplan thought that main factor was persistence: “not everything is going to work but if you have good taste and sign good acts, things come around.” Pat Carr (director, Infectious Music) added that attention to detail is important too: “Don’t leave any stone unturned… every little thing can help it [the label] along and maximize it.” Josh Rosenfeld (Barsuk Records) also thought that the secret to good smaller labels is that what they concentrate on their uniqueness. “You have to be signing what you think is good and not just a copy of what’s popular,” said Rosenfeld. Chris Swanson (Dead Oceans/Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian) agreed that what sets indies apart from majors, and each other, is that they are a reflection of a few peoples’ taste, so that they can explore their own niches well.

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