The Conan Bump: Quantifying Late Night Talk Show Sales & Social Numbers

From Billboard:

On the heels of his ratings-topping appearance on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” Justin Timberlake chose to extend his run on the late-night TV circuit with a weeklong gig on the network’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

But if the goal was to drive chatter and excitement around new album The 20/20 Experience, Timberlake might have gotten a bigger bump if he’d chosen to be on “Conan” instead, according to data from Next Big Sound, a digital data-tracking firm that focuses on the music industry.


A gig on TBS’ “Conan” boosted Facebook likes by 73% on average, Twitter followers by 95% and Wikipedia searches by 175% the day after the show, according to Next Big Sound. Appearances on “Fallon” yielded more modest results — a 31% increase on Facebook, 82% on Twitter and 91% on Wikipedia.

“Saturday Night Live” also scored highly, with artists earning a gain of 51% on Facebook, 77% on Twitter and 298% on Wikipedia. No wonder Timberlake has chosen to be on the weekly comedy show five different times during his career, including twice with then-“SNL” cast member Fallon.

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