The Verge: Amazon in talks with record labels about subscription music service

From The Verge:

Subscription music services have yet to profit but that hasn’t stopped some of the internet’s biggest media distributors from jumping into the business. Amazon, the web’s biggest retailer, is the latest to inquire with various music companies about starting a subscription service, multiple sources have told The Verge.

Details are few and the talks have been described as very informal, the sources said. But so far, what Amazon has shown an interest in is an on-demand service that sounds pretty similar to Spotify, generally considered the sector leader. Others in the field include Rdio and Rhapsody, but Google and Apple are also working on their own projects. Google is reportedly in talks with record companies and music publishers about starting subscription music services for both YouTube and Google Play. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is in negotiations for a Web radio service that sources say would be similar to Pandora’s, one of the top webcasters.

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