Invaluable Life Lessons From The World’s Greatest Detective – Batman


From 12 Most:

The biggest argument against Batman’s awesomeness is usually the fact that he’s a super hero with no superpowers. I would argue that being human is what makes this character so impressive and easy to relate to. He’s been able to save the world many times over by relying on his natural abilities and, even though he’s a fictional character, there’s a few important lessons to be learned.

Technology is a superpower
Just because a tool is there doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Batman is able to use all of the advances in modern technology to improve his arsenal. This is a philosophy marketers should adopt — research the most recent innovations and learn how they can be used to help you or your cause.

Science is for everyone
When you pair Batman’s technology with his knowledge of chemistry, forensics and physics, you have someone who can figure out just about anything. There’s a science behind everything in life. For marketers it could be the science behind getting the attention or engagement you desire. Get info on neuroscience in marketing here.

Exercise is important
Just because you don’t spend your nights prowling the streets and fighting crime doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your body. Exercise gives you more energy and keeps both your brain and your body running on high-performance. You don’t need to do Batman’s workout to stay fit but you should get your blood pumping every day.

Teamwork pays off
Being the nerd that I am, I can tell you that Batman has had his butt saved by all sorts of teammates. He keeps a close circle of sidekicks but then also works with larger groups of heros with different powers and skills like The Justice League. You can be the best at what you do but there will always be a time when you need help with something outside of your comfort zone. Make connections with people you respect and admire who have different specialties than you and don’t be afraid to ask them for advice or help when you need it.

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