5 Rules for Responding to Blog Comments

From The HostBaby Blog:

Your blog is buzzing. Your content is getting shared far and wide. Your articles are getting commented on all the time. Now what?

Well, first — congratulations.

Second, it’s time to sit down and RESPOND to those comments.

Here’s a handful of general guidelines for responding to blog comments
1. Respond to every single comment. It’s a basic courtesy. Someone took the time to interact with you, your work, your articles, your content; so take the time to acknowledge this by responding, even if your response is short and sweet: “Thanks! Glad you liked the article.”

2. Be thorough in your responses. If someone asks you three questions based on your blog article, don’t just answer the first one and hit reply. To the commenter it’ll look like you didn’t care enough to read their whole comment.

3. Don’t be afraid to disagree. After all, disagreement is the spice of life. We often feel like we’re being rude when we disagree, and so we hold our tongues. But this is YOUR blog. It’s YOUR article. It’s YOUR ideas and personality. Feel free to have a healthy debate in your comments section. Just don’t cross the line into an argument.

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