How To Write A Song People Care About


From Music Marketing:

Beyond something to do with money, there are a couple of reasons to write songs…

1. You want to express something.

2. You want to create something that others will connect with.

If you’re simply wanting to express something, you can stop reading now as there is nothing I can advise you on. If you’re looking to write songs that better connect with people, this article is for you.

“Expression” is great, but at its heart, it’s something private. Once your thoughts have been put on paper or otherwise recorded, you’ve done your job. When you’re only concerned with expressing yourself, you’re the only one who matters and you’ll be successful regardless of whether other people hear (or otherwise experience) your expression.

But if you’re looking to create something that will matter to people beyond just you, you’ve got to keep those people in mind. Unfortunately, most “songwriters” miss this. They put their feelings ahead of everybody else’s.

So I’m going to be blunt…

The #1 thing people care about when they hear a song is how it makes them feel.

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