What Kinds of Radio Listeners Value Social Media the Most?

From All Access:

In the last two weeks we have been showing you data documenting how huge Social Media is now in the daily life of radio listeners. This week, we continue, by breaking the audience out on dimensions other than age and sex, and seeing how each group feels about Social in their lives. Clearly, the rise of Social is happening across all lifestyles, but let’s find out which groups are the most passionate.

The bottom line through all our discussion of Social Media is simple. Social Media today is incredibly powerful. Far more powerful than your competition probably thinks it is. That, plus our industry’s inherent tendency to stick with the known, combine to create a situation where the audience is all over Social, but Radio has yet to embrace Social as a major advertising medium. That means the opportunity to seize the moment is now. Moments of imbalance in a marketplace, before everything settles into a new equilibrium, will always present opportunities for the smart competitor. Now eventually, probably sooner rather than later, everyone will catch on. And then the window of competitive advantage will close.

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