Creator Rob Thomas Calls The Veronica Mars Kickstarter Campaign A Guinea Pig For Cult TV Shows


From Techcrunch:

After the initial success of the Kickstarter campaign for a movie based on the TV show Veronica Mars (with a goal of $2 million, it has currently raised $3.9 million, and there are still 17 days to go), I had a chance to interview the show’s creator Rob Thomas and his agent Julien Thuan about what’s next for the movie, as well as what the campaign’s success means for other TV shows and films.

There’s been some speculation about whether this could change the funding model in Hollywood. Thomas said the campaign should make things easier for people who want to do something similar, but they’re “guinea pigs” for just “a specialized subset of projects” — namely, cult TV shows with a fan base that wants to bring them back.

“Is Veronica Mars destroying the Hollywood business model?” Thomas said. “I don’t think so.”

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