Winner of Music Competition shows profound joy. Really. He’s VERY happy. Very.

At the age of 20, French pianist Pierre Volondat won the 1983 edition of the prestigious Queen Elisabeth Music Competition. His reaction at the prize ceremony was unusual. (starts at 00:32)

You can hear him play at 08:05

In the interview he states (as his glasses are trying to escape)

Evidently I feel a very profound joy, but above all I have to say one very important thing: I knew that I was going to win this competition. (…) My teachers were the first to discourage me to enter (…) They told me it was way too difficult for me and that I would not pass the first round. I replied: “what do you know?” (…) The competition imposed itself on my head and I had to do it. I didn’t even try to understand why I had to do it. I was guided by something: A superior Force.(…)