7 Traits That Distinguish Super Successful People From Ordinary Ones

Left to right: Guy Laliberté, Bill Gates, Richard Branson.
Left to right: Guy Laliberté, Bill Gates, Richard Branson.

From Inc.:

Here are stories of seven of the most successful–and wealthiest–people in the world to illustrate each of those seven principles.

1. Guy Laliberte, Cirque du Soleil Founder: Do What You Love, But Follow the Money

Guy Laliberte was a high-school-educated circus clown from Quebec when he led a collective of performers to start Cirque du Soleil. Despite government subsidies, indulgent sponsors, and Laliberte’s hard work, the circus barely survived for years while evolving its distinctive style. Laliberte’s master stroke was to switch Cirque’s status from non-profit to for-profit (with himself as one-third owner). Today he’s worth $1.8 billion. Even clowning can be a smart career move, as long you’re the owner.

2. Suze Orman, Financial Advisor: Save Less, Earn More

Suze Orman has made a fortune telling people to grow their wealth through frugality, despite having no personal experience in the matter. When Suze was in her mid-30s, she lived high, but was mired in debt. She didn’t cut back on luxuries; instead she worked her way out. She did what she loved, followed financial opportunity, and today she is in a situation to spend $300,000 a year traveling the world on private jets. In the end, your time is much better spent seizing opportunities than pinching pennies.

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