30 Pieces of Advice From Music Industry Entrepreneurs

From Venture Harbour:

Over the past few weeks I’ve asked 30 extraordinary people in the music industry for their most valuable words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Without further ado, here are 30 pieces of advice from 30 music industry entrepreneurs.

Focus on what works now
“We are no longer subject to what was, only to what works. We can honor what came before us, but at the same time we have to be constantly aware of how fast this new generation moves. The new does not have to be scary and it’s allot less risky than it ever was. It just looks radically different than it ever did and we have to embrace that. Yesterdays fans are not coming back and so we should simply stop trying to find them.”
– Benji Rogers, CEO, Pledge Music

Nothing speaks louder than an amazing product
“Nothing speaks louder than an amazing product. Focus on that, and “buzz” usually takes care of itself. Also try and get one marquee client on board per vertical that you’re going after. For example, after Madonna came on board in 2009, we had a much easier time selling in the music business. This was the same for sports after we began working with the Miami Dolphins.”
– Michael Schneider, CEO, Mobile Roadie

It’s about unshakeable will and unusual vision
“Less than 1% of ideas last more than a few years, so don’t take a single failure as a sign that you aren’t a capable entrepreneur. Numbers don’t mean much to an entrepreneur. It’s about your unshakeable will and your unusual vision. You have to out-hustle and out-think everyone else. You have to predict where your market is going based on a multitude of factors that others simply aren’t seeing because they are blinded by some other false truth. You are the new truth. Believe that, and your chances of succeeding are 50/50!”
– Robb McDaniels, CEO, INgrooves

Pay attention to detail
“Treat everyone that comes into contact with you with as much interest and interact with them as much as you can manage. You will be amazed at how your one extra minute of attention will compound and contribute to your future.”
– Ariel Hyatt, President, Cyber PR

You don’t need investment
“If you launch a startup and think the only way to grow is by getting outside investment from venture capitalist or angel investors, you’re like a band that thinks they need to get signed by a major to have a chance at success. Focus on on building a product or service that has real value for the users and they will pay for it.”
– David Dufresne, CEO, Bandzoogle

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