Tony Visconti will lie for David Bowie. You would, too.

From The New York Times:

You produced David Bowie’s new album, “The Next Day,” which was recorded in total secrecy. How did you keep it under wraps?
It wasn’t difficult. Most of us had been with him for decades, myself the longest, 45 years. Maybe one or two people said, “Is David Bowie making a new album?” and then I’d have to lie.

For the last decade, Bowie was so reclusive that there were a lot of rumors floating around that he got really fat or that he was dying of heart disease.
We would occasionally have lunch or meet for a coffee, and I always knew he was healthy. I don’t know why he’s been quiet. People would say to me, “He’s dying, isn’t he?” with a tremble in their voice. I’d say, if he’s dying, he’s the best-looking dying man I’ve ever seen in my life.

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