100 Things to Tweet About Besides Yourself!


From Social Media Today:

The number one question I hear when it comes to Twitter is “what do I talk about?”

Given that most people do NOT know what to talk about, many wind up either boring their social community to death or they turn them off because they default to talking about themselves.

Never fear. You do not need to default to tweeting like a self centered, babbling idiot.

Remember your number one goal is to inspire and connect with your audience. Help them achieve their goals and by default you will achieve yours. Inspire – connect – achieve! Don’t over complicate it.

1. Tips to help your customers solve their business problems.
2. Tips to help your audience solve life problems.
3. Tips to help your audience, clients and friends live a better life.
4. Anything that shows you are human. Be real, engaging and talk like a human being, not a robot.
5. Industry news.
6. News about your city, state, country or the world.
7. Content that will strike an emotion. Make them laugh, cry, and think. Made them feel something.
8. Links to videos, podcasts or other materials that inspire, connect and delight them.
9. Inspirational quotes. Did you know quotes are the #1 retweeted content on Twitter?
10. Quotes of famous authors, artists or business leaders.
11. Ways to help people save money, time and resource. No, this does not mean you tweet coupons for your own business.
12. Information about a charity that needs help.
13. Photos of you doing something fun, inspiring or helpful to your community.
14. Photos of others doing something interesting. Remember, every tweet shouldn’t be about you!
15. Tips for how to get started with a new business or idea.
16. Tips for starting a business. If you are business owner, share your story, ups and downs.
17. Tips for how to use a product such as software, hardware, game or other.
18. Funny jokes.
19. Tips for local discounts or fun and unique things to do.
20. Adventures your experience while not working. Could include concerts, visits to the zoo, park, or even the neighbors house.
21. Photos of nature, sunsets or anything beautiful, funny, inspiring and entertaining.
22. Friendly reminders of important dates or holidays.
23. Holiday wishes.
24. Birthday wishes.
25. A simple hello, good morning or goodnight.

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