Garbage Hopes To Release New Album in 2014


From Billboard:

Garbage isn’t interested in taking any more seven-year breaks between albums — and, in fact, could actually have a follow-up to 2012’s “Not Your Kind of People” out in 2014.

“I think we want to get going quicker. We’d like to see a record come out next year,” drummer and co-producer Butch Vig tells Billboard. After finishing a North American run and then playing a couple of shows in Mexico during April, Vig says the quartet plans to come off the road to focus on its next endeavor. “We have a couple offers to play, but we may try to go into the studio in June and start working on another album. We’re all excited about that. We don’t really have any songs started yet, but we all have ideas for songs. I have little riffs and things floating around in my head. In the past it would be so laborious and each record would take a year, but ‘Not Your Kind of People’ took six months, so if we could get started some time in the summer and finish close to the end of the year, we could have it out in the spring or summer of next year, which would be cool.”

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