Genesis: Live 1973 – First time in HD with Enhanced Soundtrack

Genesis were persuaded by their label, Charisma Records, to release Genesis Live as a budget-priced title to mark time while the band recorded Selling England by the Pound in mid-1973. (Contractual obligations to Charisma’s North American distributor, Buddah Records, may also have been a factor, as Charisma would move its distribution to Atlantic Records shortly before Selling England’s release.)

A handful of early radio promotional double-LP test pressings by Philips/ Phonogram Int. B.V. (actually PolyGram at the time) were created which included a 23-minute version of “Supper’s Ready” from the Leicester show. This pressing’s running order was “Watcher of the Skies – “The Musical Box” – “Get ‘Em Out by Friday” – “Supper’s Ready” – “The Return of the Giant Hogweed” – “The Knife”, and included between-song patter by Gabriel. Whether this test pressing was intended to be released as the actual album is unknown. In any event, “Supper’s Ready” was not included, even though a photograph taken during a live performance of “Supper’s Ready” (with Gabriel donning the “Magog” mask) was used for the front cover.