Tommy Stinson Talks About Guns N’ Roses, Puff Daddy, and a Replacements Reunion

Guns N' Roses And Sebastian Bach Perform At The Joint At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

From Time Magazine:

If you’ve listened to rock music over the last two decades, there’s a good chance that you heard the influence of The Replacements. Bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Wilco, Green Day all owe a head nod in the direction of the ‘Mats. The group, which started out as a Minneapolis punk band in the ’80s, were unlikely innovators famous (or, infamous) for their wildly unpredictable performances – brilliant one night, obliterating the stage in a drunken rampage the next.

Every time you or Paul mentions in an interview that you might get the Replacements back together, your fans go nuts. Do you really think it will happen?

I think if we think we’re having fun and it made sense and the music we were making was fun, we would do it. If it became too much of a nightmare, we wouldn’t. We want to enjoy ourselves, make some people happy, do our bit — not make a nightmare. Paul has more at stake, as he has more real feelings about it. He’s more reticent. He’s a singer. He doesn’t want to go out and compete with his 25-year old self. He’s 50. But if he could go out and have fun without the pressures and personal demons of competing with himself, I think he would.

Who has crazier backstage parties: Guns N’ Roses — or the Replacements?

You know, I’m post Guns N’ Roses-crazy-parties. But we were pretty ill back then. We were young and crazy and full of ourselves. It’s not a good thing. For years I’ve had to put a brave face on when rabid Replacement fans come up to me and say, “I saw you play and you were so f—ed up that you didn’t play a single song.” It sounds like you got robbed to me, but okay.

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