Thom Yorke on waterfalls and the music industry. Stay with me, here.


In Alec Baldwin’s new episode of his amazing Here’s The Thing podcast, Thom Yorke has an insight into the early 2000′s:

I mean what’s weird about putting a record out now […] it’s just the fact of volume, literally the shear volume of stuff that gets put out. It’s like this huge frickin’ waterfall and you’re just throwing your pebble in and it carries on down the waterfall and that’s that. Right, okay, next.

[…] And I mean I kind of knew the game was up a few years ago when one of our sort of team of people came in saying, “Nokia wants to offer you […] millions of pounds because they want content for their phones.” […] You’re, like, Content, what? ‘You know, content.’ What, you mean music? ‘Yes.’ Content. […] Just stuff. “Have you got some stuff?” You know, and you’re like okay.

And I think really my problem with it is like it’s now like something to fill up the hardware with, you know? The music itself has become secondary to that, which is a weird thing to me.

Listen to the rest of the amazing interview: