12 Most Simple Social Media Mistakes We All Make

From 12 Most:

The lightning pace at which information moves across the social web lends itself to the eventual mistake. So does human nature. Take the opportunity to put these unpleasant, wish-you-never-made-them, social media mistakes behind you for good.

1. Putting quantity over quality
Content matters. Quality matters. Conversation matters. Make quality your focus, not the quantity of content you put out.

2. Being reactive instead of “active”
While it is important to reply to inquiries and thank people for mentions, it is a mistake if it is all that you do. Strive to actively seek out others and create conversation in and around their content. Show that you care by paying attention to where they are and what they are talking about.

3. Posting without a strategy or plan
Posting without a social media strategy is similar to tossing content at a wall and hoping it sticks. It is a waste of time and will find you throwing away valuable time, resources and money. Take the time to write down your goals, integrate those goals into your overall marketing plan and create daily tasks that move you towards those goals.

4. Using automated direct messages
Whether you manage an active business account or a personal account with the occasional mention, being “on” at all times is a challenge. This makes automating certain tasks very tempting. One of these tasks is thanking new followers. We have all received that auto direct message encouraging us to “find them on Facebook, download their latest e-book or buy their latest product on Amazon.” Not only are these messages spammy, but they also discourage people from interacting with you going forward. Bottom line: thank whom you can, as often as you can and do it genuinely.

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