‘Harlem Shake’ Hits 1 Billion Views in 40 Days

From Mashable:

“Harlem Shake,” the love-it-or-hate-it dance craze that swept the Internet earlier this year, has hit 1 billion views after just 40 days, according to researcher Visible Measures.

As the company points out on its blog, “that’s half the time ‘Gangnam Style’ took hit 1 billion views and almost a sixth of the time that it took ‘Call Me Maybe.'” Unlike those videos, though “Harlem Shake” wasn’t a single execution. Visible Measures looked at 500 iterations of the dance video and aggregated them to get to 1 billion. While many of the videos have “just a few million views,” the top 10 versions got a total of 336 million views, according to the researcher:


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