Why Dubstep Comes From the Future


From io9:

Electronic music might be a consequence of the discovery of electricity and the invention of devices like the microphone and the synthesizer. But there’s evidence that we, or at least some of us, wanted to create a Dubstep-esque genre of music as early as the 1600s, before any of that was possible. The fundamental theory behind Dubstep is that that you can break any sound down to its most basic components and rebuild it into music. In other words, you don’t have to be a slave to “actual instruments” – you can build any sound in your mind and make it from one machine. Sir Francis Bacon described a fairly modern sound studio in his 1626 book, “New Atlantis.”

As our lives have become more wrapped up in computers, it’s no surprise our music has too. The Internet lives only in machines – it’s where we find jobs, watch porn, track the lives of high school acquaintances, look up recipes – it’s where we live now, and there is no “flesh and blood” equivalent of the Internet. Dubstep, too, lives in computers, making something that sounds like music from a bunch of zeroes and ones, which is probably why it resonates (no, reverberates) with people now more than it ever could before.

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