Phil Spector plays himself in “I Dream of Jeannie” TV show from 1967

In this episode of “I Dream Of Jeannie,” Tony prepares to go on a camping trip with Jeannie. Unfortunately, Doctor Bellows, who also was due to go on vacation, is forced to cancel because he must find a musical group to perform at a charity bazaar that Amanda is in charge of and because of this he forces Tony to cancel his vacation as well and orders him to help him find a group. Not wanting Tony to miss his vacation, Jeannie helps him by getting four non-musicians, including a couple of guys named Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, (who were best known for the songs they wrote for The Monkees and turning them into musicians.) In fact, Jeannie is so successful in turning them into a group that they wind up getting an audition with Phil Spector.

Yes, that Phil Spector.