United plane diverted when parents complain about inappropriate in-flight movie

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From The San Francisco Gate:

Last month an unnamed family of four was onboard United flight 638 from Denver to Baltimore when an in-flight movie with graphic violence and sexually explicit content was projected onto a drop-down screen falling right above their seats. The parents decided that the PG-13 movie “Alex Cross” was inappropriate for their boys ages 4 and 8, but they couldn’t stop their boys from watching the movie because the screen was directly in front of them.

The parents asked a flight attendant if the monitor could be turned off. They were told this wasn’t possible.

The parents, who shared their anecdote in a letter to the The Atlantic Magazine, continued to protest and asked if the monitor could be pushed up. A flight attendant told them that this wasn’t possible, but in their letter to The Atlantic, the parents say it was clearly possible. The flight attendant also said it wouldn’t be fair to push up the screen because the passengers sitting behind the family might be watching the movie, although the parents say that all the people sitting around them were in agreement that the content of the movie was inappropriate.

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