Teen U.K. police commissioner tweets herself out of a job


From The Globe and Mail:

It seemed like such a good idea at the time – until someone looked at Twitter.

Ann Barnes, the recently elected Crime Commissioner in Kent, England, wanted to bridge the gap between teenagers and police. So she decided to hire a youth commissioner to act as a liaison. More than 160 young people applied for the job, which pays about $23,000 annually.

Three days after her appointment, the Daily Mail published a slew of racist, homophobic tweets by Ms. Brown, including several boasting about her drinking and drug use. Some tweets had references to “fags” and “illegals.” One criticized employees at a local pizzeria for not speaking proper English and another commended her brother for having “thumped” someone.

“Been drinking since half 1 and riding baby walkers down the hall at work oh my god I have the best job ever haha,” one tweet said. “I’m either really fun, friendly and inclusive when I’m drunk or I’m an anti-social, racist, sexist, embarrassing a******,” said another. “I really wanna make a batch of hash brownies.”

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