Vinyl sales reach 15 year high, recovering back to 1990s levels

From The Register:

Twenty million people pay for music streaming – up from 8m two years ago – and it’s now 13 per cent of all music recordings’ revenue. Vinyl revenue continued to grow, by 52 per cent. Although it only adds up to $171m worldwide – which barely buys you a couple of misfiring Chelsea strikers. It’s a tiny niche.

There’s no sign of download sales slowing down – a real fear some years ago. The UK saw 187.8m tracks downloaded and a 15 per cent rise in full album downloads to 30.5m. IFPI points to Sweden, the most mature streaming market in the world thanks to Spotify, where per capita revenue from recorded music has risen again for the third year running, almost up to 2005 levels.

Vinyl sales are recovering back to 1990s levels.

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