Guy Oseary, Scooter Braun and Troy Carter are changing lanes, and how they do it


From Billboard:

“Don’t put your talent into deals unless they’re passionate — I learned that the hard way,” Scooter Braun says. “Then it’s easy and you overdeliver. If it’s not easy and you don’t deliver, then it hurts your reputation. That I don’t like. When it comes to tech products and our clients, not only do I want them to look at things and give me advice, I want them to lead me. I want them to be pushing me and saying, ‘This is cool!’ I’ve had that experience with Justin a lot of times.”

oined by SB Projects chief marketing officer Brad Haugen and COO Scott Manson, Braun is sharing the story of how he helped close a Series C round of funding in 2012 for Stamped, a user-recommendation app already backed by himself, Bieber, the New York Times Co., Bain Capital Ventures and Google Ventures. To help him tell the story, he calls up Robby Stein and Bart Stein, the (unrelated) co-founders of Stamped, to see if they can tell the tale of how Braun was a little . . . preoccupied, to say the least, during the funding process.

Reached within minutes, Bart Stein recalls, “I was at Scooter’s house, and he was saying he was going to get these influential and cool people to invest, and then he just disappeared. I asked Brad, ‘What happened to Scooter?’ Suddenly my phone starts buzzing and I got an email from Mark Cuban being like, ‘Send me the deck, please.’ And in the next 20 minutes I get emails from Cuban, Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres and [an A-list actor and a major pop star who didn’t end up getting involved], and Scooter’s still not in the room. Then I go back to Brad and say, ‘Is Scooter in the bathroom?’ and he says, ‘Yeah, it happens all the time. He’s most productive in the bathroom.’”

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