Eric Clapton hints this could be his last tour


From The Wall Street Journal:

Eric Clapton still considers himself a “guitar player who sings.” But prior to his preparation for his current tour—which he says may be his last—he hadn’t touched a guitar for months at a time.

“The point of being at home is to be with my family as much as possible,” he said, referring to his three young daughters, all under age 12, and his wife, Melia. Though they live in Surrey in England’s southeast, they often visit Antigua, site of Mr. Clapton’s Crossroads Centre, a drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation facility he founded in 1998.

Touring is a grind, he said over tea at his luxury hotel on a sunny Friday in March. “It’s become too demanding. I get serious anxiety at the airport now. When we were young, it was a joy to get on a plane.” He’d find residencies appealing, he added, and he still enjoys playing with a group of gifted musicians—drummer Steve Jordan, bassist Willie Weeks and guitarist Doyle Bramhall II form the core of his current unit. “I need to work inside a band. The community experience,” he said. “But if I had to step out now, I’d have no regrets. There are other valuable things in my life that need my attention,” referring to his family. “If I’m here and not there, I’d better make it worthwhile.”

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