Your home’s tunes controlled by a wave of the hand or a voice command? It could happen, says Spotify’s Daniel Ek

From CNET:

Daniel Ek was waving his arms in the air, as if molding invisible clay. He swiped his right hand karate-chop style, made a big loop, and then grabbed an imaginary dial with his left and twisted his fist.

Ek, you see, was talking about the future. In this not-so-far-off future, maybe a decade from now, we’re all connected, everywhere, all the time — perhaps via Google Glass, perhaps via sensors built into our clothes, or through other wearable computing devices. Our touch-screen life will require no touching whatsoever, as we control what we’re listening to or seeing through hand motions or simply by talking. And we’ll experience it all in 3D.

In this vision, too, exists a musical soundtrack, tailored for you, fitting for the moment, and piped in not just through typical speakers or headphones but perhaps through musical lightbulbs — or at least through “more intelligent systems” such as the kind Ek is considering for the house he is remodeling in his hometown, Stockholm, Sweden. New musical genres will also emerge as the technology pushes creativity. After all, you’ll be able to reach out and take control of the sound waves.

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