Boston Marathon Victim Charity Scams Crop Up In Wake Of Tragedy

Boston copes with the bombing attackFrom Huffington Post:

he extent of the victims’ injuries is still unknown, but a number of bogus funds for people hurt in the Boston Marathon blasts have already cropped up.

According to TheDomains, more than 20 sites have been registered with names that appear to raise funds for victims of Monday’s Boston explosions, but many appear suspicious since they are not associated with official charities. Some websites, including, have just been licensed by individuals.

“Just minutes after the reports of the explosions hit the news, domain names related to the bombings were already registered and some parked by people looking to make money off the tragedy,” Michael Berkens wrote on TheDomains. “While we don’t know every registrants intention, we do know historically that many of the domain names registered immediately after were done to get traffic and make money parking domains or worse.”

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