Record Your Own Vinyl Record at Jack White’s Third Man on Record Store Day


From Pitchfork:

Jack White, the “Record Store Day Ambassador”, has a treat for anyone who visits his Third Man Records store in Nashville this Saturday, April 20 for the holiday: You’ll be able to record your own record at a special booth in the shop. He says in a statement: “I encourage everyone who comes to the Third Man Record Store in Nashville to be able to hear themselves on a vinyl record, and maybe even mail it to someone they love.”

The booth includes a Voice-o-Graph machine from 1947 that records up to two minutes of audio and dispenses a 6″ phonograph disc afterwords, kind of like a Polaroid. Afterward, fans are given the option to submit digital versions of the songs to the Third Man Records website. If you want to go really crazy with it, you can even buy custom-printed envelopes and stamps in the Third Man store and mail it away.

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