The Most Underrated Things in a Musician’s Career

From Music Think Tank:

Goals: It’s easy to lose sight of our end-goal when thinking about all of our tasks when it comes to writing/performing music, booking tours, promoting, social media, merchandising, distribution, sponsorship, and so on. However, it’s essential that everything you do is a part of the bigger picture, part of your overall goal. Why should you offer custom hoodies when that money could be invested in a press campaign? Should you play SXSW or CMJ? Or both? It all depends on your goals and thinking about the steps that get you there. Don’t just do things because it seems like a good opportunity. Do it because it makes sense for your goals and will provide a good return on investment.

A Good Press Photo: These days, it seems that everyone with a decent camera thinks that they are a professional photographer. You wouldn’t want someone who knows barely knows how to plug a mic in to do your sound, you’d want someone skilled. Same goes for photography: This is your primary image for press, for your websites, and your image…why would you want to skimp here? Learn how to hire a good photographer.

A Good Press Kit: Having a decent press kit comes in handy. Take the time to cater it to the specific audience. It’s far more effective to have something customized for someone than to blanket people with a generic kit.

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