15 Ways To Keep Your Music Career (And Creativity) Moving Forward

From Music Marketing Dot Com:

Time is speeding up. Attention spans are getting shorter. We have more entertainment options than ever.

This affects everybody, regardless of age. If you aren’t moving forward, you’re going to be run over by change around you.

How do you make sure you’re moving forward? Choose growth over comfort.

Here are 15 ways to do just that…

If the band you’re in isn’t working for you, quit it and start something else.
If the demos you’re working on for your new album aren’t going anywhere, consider ditching them entirely and starting from scratch.
Put yourself out there more — share personal videos in which you let people know there is more to you than just music.
Share new songs before they are “perfect” to get feedback (good or bad) so you can improve them even more.
Set a deadline (such as releasing one new song a week for several weeks) and announce it publicly, knowing people are expecting you to deliver.
Plan a tour through cities you’ve never been to.

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