The Most Important Problem The Music Business Must Solve

From Hypebot:

By David Sherbow (@MusicBizGuy) of My Life With Music.

What is the greatest problem which the new music business must solve to maintain it relevance in the future? In my humble opinion, it needs to figure out how to simply curate new music, filter it down to a small enough selection that is easily digestible and readily posted some place on the Internet, seamlessly accessible by mobile phones, where people will want to come, listen to it, own it emotionally and support it financially. When this happens, and eventually it will, the music business will be forever changed.

Artist development and new music discovery via the Internet seem to be incredibly lacking when it comes to finding a clear, defined path on which true artistic and financial success can be built. Where are artists mostly found hoping to be discovered? Major sites include Bandcamp, Bandpage, SoundCloud OurStage, Reverbnation, MTVMusic, and the new Myspace. Lesser sites include Tunezy, TastmakerX, WeAreHunted and TheSixtyOne. This list can go on forever as there are hundreds of sites out there that no one has ever heard of which have little or no traction and allegedly were built to discover new music. Streaming music services like Spotify, Grooveshark, Rdio, Deezer, Rhapsody, Songza, iHeartradio and Pandora are not in the business of new artist and new music development.

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