Why Twitter Music is a game-changer for the music industry and fans


From CNET:

When Twitter opened up its #Music app to everyone on Thursday, it was the strongest sign yet that the social-networking giant is aiming to become a media machine that dominates popular entertainment channels.

There’s no doubt that many of Twitter’s vast user base already have a deep interest in music, but until now there’s been no structured way for artists or fans to leverage that. With the public launch of the company’s new discovery service, Twitter has seemingly taken the next step to becoming an indispensable destination both for people to find new music to listen to, and for artists to reach broad new audiences.

And as with so much of what it does these days, Twitter #Music, which ostensibly lets users find new music by seeing both what their friends and artists they enjoy are listening to, was obviously made to give advertisers new ways to target users.

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