Beyoncé bans press photographers from Mrs Carter world tour

Beyonce performs on her Mrs Carter world tour in Amsterdam

From The Guardian:

Beyoncé has banned professional photographers from her current world tour. According to the venue contract obtained by a music photographers’ Facebook group, “no photo credentials” are to be granted for concerts on Beyoncé’s Mrs Carter tour. Instead, news outlets have been given a link to a website featuring shots from Amsterdam, Zagreb, Belgrade and Bratislava, all of which were taken by Frank Micelotta. Beyoncé’s UK publicist has confirmed to the Guardian that this is the case.

The move to prohibit press photographers is seen by most observers as a reaction to this year’s Super Bowl kerfuffle, when sites such as Gawker and Buzzfeed compiled “unflattering” images of Beyoncé’s jubilant exertions.

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