Daft Punk says their new album cost a fortune to make


Daft Punk says their forthcoming album Random Access Memories cost a fortune to make because it is in the tradition of the great pop records that were made for top dollar. “In the history of pop music, a lot of great records cost an enormous amount of money,” explained Thomas Bangalter of the album which was recorded by some of the best session musicians on the planet, initially at the duo’s own expense. “There used to be a time where people that had means to experiment would do it, you know? That’s what this record is about.” The French producer added that the duo had initially tried to make the record on laptop but were forced to go for the deluxe option, recruiting the likes of Nile Rodgers, Panda Bear and Julian Casablancas to play on the album. “Those tools were very good at many things,” he said, but could not “generate emotion as musical instruments.”

From GQ Magazine via Q Magazine