Nike Honors and Asks Kobe Bryant To Just Do It in Inspirational New Ad


Nike surprised Kobe Byrant over the weekend, placing this ad in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times (and in social media), and it’s classic Nike, giving you a bit of goose bumps. It’s ads like this that make you root for athletes, no matter what team they’re on.

Full text of the ad below.

“You showed us that an 18-year-old could play with the best.
You showed us that a championship, an exhibition game and a charity event are all must-wins.
You showed us how to play chess while others played checkers.
You showed us how to hit game winner after game winner.
You showed us that an 81-point game is a real thing.
You showed us that gold still matters.
You showed us how to take an ice bath.
You showed us how to score 30 points in a quarter, twice.
You showed us the Mamba Face.
You showed us how to demand perfection and demand it of everyone.
You showed us how to put big-boy pants on.
You showed us that you were never out of it. Ever.
You showed us how inspirational a pair of free throws could be.

Now, show us again.”