Steven Van Zandt Calls Rock & Roll High School Into Session


From Rolling Stone:

Music education is paramount to Steven Van Zandt, and he continues to prove it. Today, the famed guitarist of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band announced that his Rock & Roll Forever Foundation will partner with the Grammy Museum to launch “Rock & Roll: An American Story (RRAAS),” a music education curriculum that will enable middle and high school students to learn about the societal influence of rock music. The lesson plans run the gamut of rock & roll, from its roots in blues, country, R&B and gospel to its present-day iterations.

“Our point is the opposite of the approach taken in the past, which is, ‘Take that iPod out of your ear and pay attention,'” Van Zandt told Rolling Stone at his presentation in New York. “Rather, we ask, ‘What are you listening to? Let’s trace it back and talk about it.’ What that forms is an immediate common ground and immediate engagement. I never had that.”

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