Natalie Maines Doesn’t Regret Slamming George Bush, Never Liked Country Music


From US Magazine:

Dixie Chicks say the darnedest things. Former Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines recently opened up to Us Weekly about her upcoming album and revealed that despite the country trio’s 13 Grammy awards and many, many country music accolades, she does not, in fact, listen to country music anymore.

“People do look at it as an insult that I say I don’t listen to country music, which cracks me up,” the 38-year-old singer told Us. “Music is a personal preference. Everyone’s free to connect and like whatever they want.”

“I definitely have a bad taste in my mouth about country radio,” she added. “We did get supporters, but as a whole, the country music industry did not support us. Award shows would laugh at our expense. It was fun to hate us.”

In 2003, the girl group made headlines after Maines criticized then-President George W. Bush’s plans to launch a war against Iraq and reportedly told an audience in London that she was “ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

“To me, I was right from the beginning, because it’s my right as an American to speak up and question our President, have my point of view, have my opinion, question what I want to question, and say what I want to say about our government,” she said. “It’s very scary to me that people actually think we should just follow our leaders. If we can’t learn from our history, we’re nowhere.”

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